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BASF’s broad spectrum of spectacular pigments and special effect pigments add exceptional consumer appeal and visual impact to color cosmetic formulations. From classic to cutting edge – BASF’s wide range of pigments, other ingredients and technology platforms will provide exactly the right solution to help costumers to achieve that exceptional effect they are looking for in their products.

BASF offers a broad range of effect pigments and specialty minerals for cosmetic, beauty care products, and personal care products. The pigment range presents an extensive variety of white pigments, a full range of colors and iridescent pearls, plus natural looking, vibrant, shiny, and metallic shades. Effects range from matte-like to high sparkle.






Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC offers a line of products for personal care formulations. Our VANATURAL ®Bentonite Clay is a pure, natural, bentonite clay, which disperses easlily, hydrates rapidly and performs consistently . Our VEEGUM®,Magnesium Alumunium Silicate; naturally occurring smectite clays that have been water-washed to optimize purity and performance, and valued for its ability to tailor the rheological properties of aqueous compositions





Terry Laboratories is the world’s oldest, largest and most trusted manufacturer of Aloe extracts and concentrates in the industry based on sales and volume. We manufacture Aloe Vera gel concentrates, powders, and specialty Aloe Vera extracts and has global representation in over 60 countries.






Since 1897, Jos. H. Lowenstein & Sons, Inc. has been providing the world of fashion with brilliant, trend-setting colors for the fur, hair and leather industries all over the world.  From a modest paint store in Brooklyn, N.Y to the technologically driven, quality dyestuff manufacturer we are today, JHL has prided itself on providing its customers with state-of-the-art dye products and impeccable, personalized service .



UNIVAR COLOURS U.K - Our Colours ....... Your Way!

Univar Colour is focussing on the supply of colour of the food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

Univar colour can produce an infinite number of shades in powder and liquid form, as well as colours dispersed onto specific substrates. New vibrant colours & solutions to meet your needs and market trends !




MONDO MINERALS B.V. - Netherlands

Mondo Minerals is a globally leading producer of talcum powder, focusing on creating added value for its costumers. Founded in 1967, Mondo Minerals prides itself on a long history of reliability, quality and innovation. By delivering products and solutions tailored to the industry, Mondo Minerals is earning the trust of leading cosmetics and personal care companies worldwide. Mondo Mineral’s main priority is long-term development. It has proactively secured its raw material resources for decades to come. By placing its client’s present and future demands at the center of all its efforts, it is driving innovation to create further added value.  




Mascara Plus a world-class full service cosmetic manufacturers. founded as mascara manufacturer, we have emphasized our "Plus" by expanding mascara plus new emulsions. Located with our 2400 mg headquarters in Inzago, Milan, Italy, our dynamic structures inclides R&D Laboratory and full service production facility. Meeting and satisfying our customer's requirements is the main promise while quality and innovation are our core value.





IL Cosmetics is manufacturer and subcontractor for nail polish and nail care and can develop a range of colours which are based on a analysis of potential markets and customer needs. International Lacquers Research and Development laboratory focusses on innovative formulation and colourmatic methods. Its main goals is the discovery of new raw materials for the formulation of new nail polish and research into new colour effects. 








MacroCare Tech. Ltd


Established in 2002, Macrocare continues to be the one of South Korea’s leading cosmetic ingredient manufacturers (ISO 9001 and 14001 certified)

Specializing in the production of ingredients for functional cosmetics and health food products for the global markets, MacroCare is committed to creating the best ingredients for the best products.






XenTech Co., Ltd. - Korea

We are specialized in the field of cosmetic raw materials for Make-up products. Using our advanced powder coating technology, we provide organic or inorganic material coated powders such as Mica, Talx, Sericite, Titanium dioxide, Iron oxides, Zinc oxide, Ultramarine color pigments, and also spherical Silica bead (6,10µm). PMMA bead and PSQ bead powder. The coating agents treated on our products are Silicone, Metal soaps, Amino acids, Fluorine compouds, Wax compounds and Inorganic compounds.




Huzhou Luxon Fine Chemical CO., LTD is a Korea FJ Chemical joint venture. Our chief line is to produce and import high-quality raw materials of cosmetics and to export make-up products. Our products include Basel silicone oil, functional raw materials, surface active reagent, vegetate base oil and different kinds of active additives. And we also provide the latest popular raw materials in Korea and Japan, advancing the development of the major cosmetics companies. We are dedicated to helping our costumers get fast and steady development.






Spec Chem Inc, has R&D, production in cosmetic ingredients and personal care since 1995. Focus on cosmetic ingredients more than 20 years. We offer a range of high-quality and safety ingedients : Sunless tanning agent, Whitening & Skin care, Peptides, Preservatice, Anti-aging & moisturizing, Hair Care & Conditioner, Herb Extracts, Surfactants cationic Conditioners. 




Shaanxi HuaTai Bio-fine chemical company Ltd., is a high-tech professional company with combination of research, production and trade on natural phyto chemical products. The production facility was located at Yang ling industrial economic development zone on the west of Xian City. There are three phyto production lines with 3000 square meter facility. A series of licorice root products are our main products. 









The Zignago Vetro Group produces hollow glass containers for Food & Beverage, Cosmetics & perfumery, Luxury Perfumery and Specialty Glass containers markets







LUMSON S.P.A. - Italy

Since 1991. LUMSON design, develop, and customize specific packaging solutions for the cosmetic & personal care market






VMI - France

For more than 60 years, VMI provides the high technology mixer & meet the requirements of a wide range of activities; bakery, cosmetic, pharmacy, chemistry, coating